Electronic & Physical Security Technicians

New York State: Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, NYC, and Hudson Valley Region.

New England: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont.

This position performs tasks involving the service of electronic & physical security equipment to include alarm systems, cameras, digital video recorders, access control systems, safes, vaults, ATMs, night depositories, pneumatic drive-up systems and cash dispensers.

Training will be provided for the specific products we offer. 

The ideal candidate for this position is a self-starter, can work independently, and must be able to problem solve and provide solutions. You must also adapt well to a constantly changing schedule. Flexibility with schedule is a key component.


Due to the nature of Brown Security Solutions business, all qualified candidates will be subject to a criminal background, drivers and drug pre-employment screening.

If interested, please email your resume to: careers@brownsecuritysolutions.com.

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To apply, please submit your contact information and resume in the form below.

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